4 must-visit mosques in Ho Chi Minh city

4 must-visit mosques in Ho Chi Minh city

4 must-visit mosques in Ho Chi Minh city

23:40 - 06/08/2018

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Your summer holiday is approaching, so don’t hesitate to grab a Ho Chi Minh tour to relax as well as seek for the most wonderful experiences in your life. Start from researching some mosques in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, which is worth visiting before any booking.

Jamia Al-Musulman Mosque

Jamia Al-Musulman Mosque is one of must-visit mosques in Ho Chi Minh city
Jamia Al-Musulman Mosque is one of the must-visit mosques in Ho Chi Minh city

Situated at 66 Dong Du Street, Jamia Al-Musulman is referred to as one of the most impressive mosques in Ho Chi Minh city. Constructed by the oversea Indian community in 1935, the mosque carries the sophisticated age-old Muslim architecture, compared with others in the city. It’s easy to realize that its roof is decorated with unique Muslim symbols. At the beginning of the construction’s opening, its essential purpose was for the South Indian faithful living in Saigon, but now the Pakistani and Indonesian faithful also come to worship here. Remember you should wear polite apparel to visit here. Especially, a Hala restaurant at the mosque will give Muslim tourists an opportunity to savor Vietnamese, Indian, and Malaysian food.


Jamiyah Islamic Mosque

It’s not so hard to arrive at Jamiyah Islamic Mosque as it’s located on a famous street of the city; exactly, its address is 52 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City. Here is a prayer center of Cham people and also referred to as the representative office of the Muslim community in Ho Chi Minh city. Therefore, most Muslim prayers here belong to the community of Cham people. Especially, the cathedral is accidentally divided into two specific spots; the upstairs is reserved for prayers while the downstairs is for teaching children.

Jamul An Ar Mosque

Jamul An Ar Mosque in Ho Chi Minh city
Jamul An Ar Mosque in Ho Chi Minh city

In spite of lying in an alley at 157/9B Duong Ba Trac, District 8, Jamul An Ar may be easily found as there are many Muslim symbols on its walls. Around the mosque is where you can meet Cham people. Taking a Ho Chi Minh Muslim tour from some travel companies in the city will allow you to visit and explore this destination. For Muslim or international tourists, because of being fringed by narrow alleys, the cathedral is surely reached after they must have a short walk and follow a knowledgeable tour guide. Cham people, Malaysians, and Indonesians bringing the Muslim religion with them have emigrated to Vietnam for a long time, so Jamul An Ar has been seen as the sacred cathedral where they worship in their own holidays.

Al Rahman

In the list of must-visit mosques in Ho Chi Minh city, Al Rahman is indispensable since it is widely known as the first mosque in Vietnam. Lying in District 1, the mosque was built in 1885 with the aim of serving the worship of Muslim Indonesians and Malaysians every weekend. Like other mosques in the city, Al Rahman is also prominent in Muslim symbols, including crescent moons and stars. Besides, it wonderfully appears as a magnificent picture since the walls are decorated with patterns made from granite and marble stones in white and black.



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