Mekong Delta in Vietnam worth a visit?

Mekong Delta in Vietnam worth a visit?

Mekong Delta in Vietnam worth a visit?

15:06 - 06/08/2018

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You have ever heard about the Mekong Delta, a water region with plenty of exciting things to explore in Vietnam, haven’t you? Nevertheless, you will wonder if the destination is worth visiting as the way people often extol it on media. Then, discover the truth here.

Floating Markets

Cai Be Floating Market
Cai Be Floating Market

The most deserving point of a trip to explore the Mekong Delta, Vietnam is floating markets where you will find plenty of fascinating features in the water region’s culture. It is believed that each of the markets is a colorful and lively picture in which the locals earn livings by trading their farm products and other commodities on board – that perhaps you have not had any idea before. The boats with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables are seemingly illuminated amongst the market’s scenery. While it is difficult to recognize waterways in the bustle and hustle, each of the boats has a tall bamboo with samples of what is intended to be sold whereby the buyers get a good view of the products here. Paying close attention to details, you also realize that the locals’ life is associated with the river, and the trip here may let you gain insights into reasons why they never think about leaving for somewhere else. Recommendations are Nga Nam Floating Market, Cai Be Floating Market, Cai Rang Floating Market, Nga Bay Floating Market, and Long Xuyen Floating Market.

Traditional Cuisines

Linh Fish hotpot with Cork Flower
Linh Fish hotpot with Cork Flower

Your journey to the Mekong Delta will not be complete if you do not have a try at its traditional cuisines which are special in texture and taste. What convinces you the most maybe a list of specialties in the floating season, such as Linh Fish hotpot with Cork Flower, snakehead smoked in rice straw, Linh Fish braised with sugar cane, field rat roasted in a clay pot, etc. There is nothing wonderful than tasting food made from the local fresh ingredients, and you directly witness the cooking process and even try your hand at preparing a lunch or dinner. Then, to gain insights into the local cuisine, do not ignore a cooking class customized by some tour operator right at the Saigon backpackers’ area; they will take you to explore the Mekong Delta and also enable you to practice your cooking skill under the expert chef’s instructions.


mekong delta vietnam
Mekong Delta

If you are looking for somewhere to soak up the fresh air and peace, the Mekong Delta is exactly for you. Go away from the bustling markets, and you will get yourself dipped into charming landscapes of narrow channels and canals, small houses, bamboo bridges, coconut palm trees bending down at two sides of the river, lush green gardens, and fascinating family businesses. It is possible to say that the most stimulating activity during the trip is to cruise along narrow canals by rowing boat and perceive breezes from coconut leaves at two sides. The water is calm, and you are leisurely taken to uncover the water area’s quintessence. Additionally, it will be with regret that you do not go for a stroll in the local serene gardens in which you can taste samples of fresh fruits and listen to traditional folk music.


The Mekong Delta is also famous for hospitable people who always smile with any visitor and are willing to do them a favor when they ask for directions or are in need. A hint for you is to have a homestay experience in the water region so that you can understand more the local life. This stay entitles you to savor the pleasant atmosphere of a family and learn how to prepare a family dinner as well as discover new things in the Vietnamese’s family culture. If you have enough time, ask them to join their farming activities which surely leave good memories.



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