Reasons to fall in love with Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Reasons to fall in love with Mekong Delta in Vietnam

Reasons to fall in love with Mekong Delta in Vietnam

23:30 - 06/08/2018

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In spite of being the farthest area of Vietnam and at the downstream of Mekong River, Mekong Delta has been charming more and more tourists by its imposing and marvelous beauty. Each of the tourists will find lots of many reasons for them to love this peaceful yet fascinating land, but primarily, they are impressed by 2 factors here: the amazing nature and the locals’ friendliness and hospitality. Joining a Mekong Delta tour, they are able to dip themselves into the daily life on the river of local people and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere while learning more about Vietnamese traditional cuisine. The following will help us know in more detail why many tourists fall in love with Mekong Delta and choose it as their must-see destination.

Floating Market

Cai Rang floating market
Cai Rang floating market

Perhaps, most foreign tourists have ever bought food, fruits, as well as other things in the market or supermarket, and it’s sure that trading on the river is absolutely unbelievable for them. For that reason, experiencing a trip to the floating market at Mekong Delta – a remarkable symbol of this area – may blow their minds and bring them a new perspective on this form of market. Clearly, it’s easy and quick for tourists to fall in love with the picture in which local people row the boat on the river while trading their goods and specialties.

Fresh fruit

Fruit garden in Mekong Delta
Fruit garden in Mekong Delta

Along with sightseeing and experiencing the busy life with local people at the floating market, tourists can also enjoy fresh fruit here like durian, pomelo, rambutan, coconut, etc. There is nothing more awesome than tasting those kinds of fruit right after they have just been harvested and brought to the market for sale.

River life

River life in Thoi Son island
River life in Thoi Son island

For foreign tourists, the daily life of local people on the river is a big surprise. They have not probably experienced and even seen a life in which the transportation is almost by boats. Additionally, it’s astonished that the local people live in their boats next to the waterways; this is further different from the normal life on the ground. Therefore, the Mekong Delta tour will be a worthy try for each of the tourists.

The good food

Fresh fruits are the main specialties at the Mekong Delta river, but there are also many other kinds of food, which easily fascinate lots of travelers. They will find a sufficient choice of sweet and tasty cakes, cream, noodles, and others in the morning market. Some of the good food kinds include Mustard leaves & sauteed beef, banh bo – a kind of flour cake with honey, coconut cream, and bo la lot – a grilled or fried dish of minced beef wrapped in betel nut leaves, Vietnamese Fried ruffled gourami fish, etc.

Home-stay experience

Across the monkey brigde in Mekong Delta
Across the monkey bridge in Mekong Delta

The most outstanding thing when tourists take a Mekong Delta tour 1 day is that they will not spend time on any restaurant, hotel, or resort as usual. Instead, they are gifted a chance to enjoy daily activities with the locals, e.g. rowing the boat on the river to sell specialties, catching fish, gathering crops, and all that make their unforgettable memories.



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