What are favourite things to buy in Vietnam?

What are favourite things to buy in Vietnam?

What are favourite things to buy in Vietnam?

00:00 - 07/08/2018

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As there are a lot of great things to buy in Vietnam, you will be confused to choose from. That’s the reason why you should seek for valuable information about the best ones before beginning the journey. These items may be what you need to use when staying in Vietnam for your convenience or gifts you want to buy for your family and friends.


Silk in Vietnam
Silk in Vietnam

This is a kind of fabric quite common in Vietnam; it’s made of the silkworm’s cocoons and impressively looks royal. That’s the reason why it used to be chosen as the top products for the Vietnamese nobility and royalty. Nevertheless, it has infiltrated into all classes of the country nowadays; its price is not also too expensive for everyone to buy. It’s easy for tourists to find some boutiques specializing in providing silk in the Vietnamese markets or along some streets of Ho Chi Minh city, so they can select what they like the most for themselves or their families and friends. 


Non la

Non La in Vietnam
Non La in Vietnam

Non La means the hat made of leaves or the leaf hat. It’s depicted as a circular cone made of different kinds of leaves, such as bamboo, palms, and others. In the past, Vietnamese people consider Non la as the indispensable item in their life; not only that, it’s seen as a cultural symbol of Vietnam. They wear the item for protecting them from the rain and also bringing them the shade when it’s hot. When traveling to the rural areas of Vietnam in your Vietnam package tour, you may wish to get the one at the workshop as a souvenir or in order to avoid the severe sunshine. 

Hand Embroidery

Hand Embroidery is one of favourite things to buy in Vietnam
Hand Embroidery is one of the favorite things to buy in Vietnam

From the past time until now, Hand Embroidery has been taken into account as a type of traditional handicraft in Vietnam. It’s widely referred to as the art of creating framed silk pictures with embroidering on clothing by hand. What contributes to the unique pictures is sophisticated stitches portraying flowers, animals, trees, and familiar scenes of Vietnam’s countryside. Just with the conventional techniques of embroidering, Vietnamese artists have produced incredible artworks. 


Lacquer ware product in Vietnam
Lacquerware product in Vietnam

Lacquer products become outstanding and catch people’s eyes by their style of utilizing resin from a sort of tree called Son. It’s known that the traditional handicraft has undergone 20 stages of development and given out diverse works, such as dishes, vases, pots, bowls, and other sophisticated designs. The most unique one is lacquer paintings, so it should also be among things to buy in Vietnam.


Of course, there is an abundant selection of clothes in most big markets of Vietnam, so you will freely and pleasurably buy anything suitable for you. However, it’s advised that Ao Dai is one of the great things to buy in Vietnam; here is a traditional Vietnamese costume with an extremely impressive design, which will help flatter curves in your body.


Coffee in vietnam
Coffee in Vietnam

It’s not hard to enjoy a cup of Vietnamese coffee at a quite cheap price as it’s available at many restaurants and cafes at every corner of Ho Chi Minh city. Instead of adding sugar to the cup, you are served with the one mixed with milk. If you would like to prepare this drink by yourself, just need to buy some special tools along with a pack of raw coffee in the coffee shops; “Trung Nguyen” is a reputable brand recommended to you as you are looking for Vietnamese coffee.



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