What to do if you lose your passport while traveling to Vietnam?

What to do if you lose your passport while traveling to Vietnam?

What to do if you lose your passport while traveling to Vietnam?

15:19 - 06/08/2018

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A passport is considered an indispensable item for anyone who is traveling abroad, including to Vietnam, so losing it or having it stolen is certainly unexpected trouble. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you will have to stay in that country for good. Then, ever wonder what you must do if finding yourself get stuck in the so-called passport-losing nightmare? The first hint is that the likelihood of losing your passport or having it stolen requires you to always keep a digital picture or a photo of your passport whereby the embassy officials can help prove your citizenship.

What to do if you lose your passport while traveling to Vietnam

What to do

– Reporting your case to the nearest police station

Right after discovering yourself without a passport, you should quickly report your case to the nearest police station and then have the report signed by this authority. Be mindful that such a document is extremely significant to not only expedite the process of reissuing the new passport when you come back to your country but also help you get financial support if you need it.

 Applying for an emergency passport from your country’s embassy or consulate-general in Vietnam

Once you have gained the document signed by the local authority to prove that your passport has been lost or stolen, it is necessary to contact the nearest embassy or consulate-general of your country in Vietnam. They will guide you to fill out the form of applying for an emergency passport. What you must also submit to the embassy include two identical passport-sized photos and personal identification documents bearing your signature and picture. The application along with the documents above allows you to obtain the emergency passport within two working days at the latest.

Gaining your replacement visa

Having the emergency passport issued also means that you reach 50% of success in the journey to coming home safely. You will be also provided with a letter from the embassy or consulate-general to the Vietnamese Immigration Department, asking their support to issue a replacement visa on your emergency passport. Bear in mind that you are never allowed to leave Vietnam unless your new visa is issued.

Some handful of information about Vietnamese authorities you can contact

Vietnamese Immigration Department

The office at Ho Chi Minh City:

The office at Hanoi:



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